Under-Representation of Bus Sector

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2017 Water, Environment & Transport Conference
10 March 2017

This Conference notes:

a. The decline in UNISON membership in the Bus Sector.

b. The difficulty in recruiting activists and forming viable Bus Sector branches.

c. That to address the above, UNISON has increasingly moved members who work for bus operators into larger employer-led branches.

d. That these decisions are determined locally based on the best solution for serving the interests of the members involved.

e. That the organising arrangements that members face in the Bus Sector vary and can include

i. Single Bus Sector employer branches;

ii. Bus Sector members within a larger W.E.T. branch; and

iii. Bus Sector members within larger branch including none W.E.T. employers e.g. Local Government.

This conference believes:

A. That Bus Operators are likely to have the smaller membership within a multi-employer branch, which can present a barrier to members in the sector becoming a delegate.

B. That it is important for the integrity of the service group that all sectors represented are able to participate in policy making decisions for the service group and that representatives for the sector are available to speak and inform debate at decision making forums.

C. That a review is necessary to ensure that new ways of organising strengthen the voice of the sector, rather than remove its voice from national decision making.

This conference resolves:

1. To mandate the service group executive to undertake analysis of UNISON membership in the sector to determine the number of members, number employers, and branch set up.

2. To use this information to come up with proposals to 2018 WET and/or National delegate conference, in consultation with affected branches, to ensure there is sufficient participation from the bus industry in the service group national conference.