Protecting National Collective Bargaining through the PTF

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2017 Water, Environment & Transport Conference
28 February 2017

Conference notes that in recent months the employers at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) and West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) have made clear their intention to serve notice to withdraw from the Passenger Transport Forum (PTF). This is a consultative body for the Combined Authorities and PTE’s and also the venue for our national pay negotiations, involving TfGM, WMCA, and WYCA – recognising both UNISON and Unite.

In 2015 the TfGM employers attempted to leave the negotiating element of the PTF. This was resisted with a well organised and vigorous campaign led by the local Branch with the help of the National Organiser. It convinced the employers to stay within the PTF.

Now all three employers are going to attempt to move to local bargaining and it is obvious that the employers are determined to divide and conquer. This will enviably lead to member’s Terms and Conditions being degraded.

Conference calls on the WET Service Group Executive to:

Give all the assistance it can to local and national campaigns to preserve national bargaining through the PTF by

a) Working with Labour Link to preserve and promote the PTF and national bargaining amongst the local Labour councillors who hold power and influence within the CA’s to stop the employers withdrawing from the PTF.

b) To communicate directly with those local Labour Councillors, who directly manage and oversee the Combined Authorities, and ask them to preserve the rights of the hardworking staff in the CA branches affected and ensure the continuation of collective bargaining at a national level through the PTF.