Pension Trustee Training in Water, Environment & Transport Service Group

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2017 Water, Environment & Transport Conference
26 January 2017

2017 Water, Environment and Transport Conference notes the lack of UNISON Pension Trustees within the WET Service Group membership.

Pensions is the one area UNISON can use influence probably more than any other in the current hostile political climate by using trained Trustees to ensure branches covered by our Service Group retain the best possible pension schemes.

One area that could be improved to encourage more WET UNISON members and activists to get more involved in pensions at Trustee level is basic training to cut through some of the myths that pensions belongs in the too hard to do box many believe is the case.

We therefore call on the WET Executive in conjunction with UNISON’s pensions section to consider organising basic pensions training for those aspiring to become Trustees which may in turn assist recruitment of existing non-members with appropriate publicity around the training.