Workplace Bullying

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2017 Higher Education Service Group Conference
9 November 2016

Conference notes that in recent years, along with increased workloads, increased demands from employers and an increase in work place sickness levels, work place bullying is also on the increase.

Unfortunately bullying is no longer exclusive to the school yard, and many adults some of whom experienced bullying in childhood have gone on to suffer bullying in adulthood too. In the workplace, often right under the noses of their employers and immediate line managers.

Bullying can take many forms and is not always obvious. Sadly instances such as cyber bullying, direct and indirect bullying, bullying involving a persons age, race, gender and sexual orientation, is on the increase and we must equip our activists and members with the tools and knowledge on how to recognise, report and support those that fall victim to this unacceptable behaviour.

Conference notes with concern, the detrimental effect that bullying can have on a victim’s mental and physical wellbeing.

As a trade union that works continually to protect worker’s rights, we must also work to protect their health, safety and wellbeing.

This conference calls on the Higher Education Service Group Executive to:

1) Collect examples of good practice from Higher Education branches on policies and procedures to tackle work place bullying;

2) Develop tools for branches to help identify issues and workplace bullying especially subtle and not always obvious bullying;

3)Work in partnership with other organisations that have a common goal to challenge employers in work place bullying and promote good practice.