Timing of Higher Education (HE) Conference

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2017 Higher Education Service Group Conference
9 November 2016

This conference notes that:

a)Branches should feel fully involved in the formulation of the new Joint Negotiating Committee for Higher Education Staff (JNCHES) pay claim or in the organisation of the pay campaign. Currently, the Higher Education (HE) Service Group Executive (SGE) pay motion is presented to delegates at the HE Branch Seminar in October and allows little time for branches to consider the content, leaving branches with the possibility of amendments to the SGE motion.

b)At the 2002 Higher Education conference a motion was carried which proposed moving the conference to earlier in the year, so that conference can agree what the pay claim should be before it is submitted.

c)Discussions with sister trade unions as part of the 2016/17 pay claim highlighted that other unions wish to press the issues with employers earlier in the pay cycle and that holding our conference in late February / March places restrictions on our ability to put together a joint trade union position on pay in a timely fashion at the start of the process.

This conference calls on HESGE for 2018 and future HE Conferences to:

1)Include branches and their members in the timely formulation of the pay claim and in organising the campaign.

2)Move the higher education conference to January so that branches can involve and consult their members in formulating the pay claim, the results of which can be discussed and agreed at conference to enable collaborative work with sister trade unions and the formulation of a joint trade union side pay claim.