Effect of NHS Trust Organisational Change and the Impact for Agenda for Change

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2017 Health Care Service Group Conference
5 December 2016
Carried as Amended

In today’s climate, within the NHS, changes are constantly happening to turn it into a profit making business, and mergers, staff reductions, and other distressing actions have all occurred.

Consultations with staff appear to take place on an ad-hoc basis and lack full and meaningful discussions and negotiation.

Staff experience new challenges on an almost daily basis as reorganisations take place, jobs are frequently down-banded and staff de-valued, leading to reduction in pay, poor pay protection offers, and the knock on effect this has, along with staffing numbers being reduced. All this, to achieve cost cutting targets.

The formal matching processes appear to be on a hit and miss basis, with no planning or forethought for existing knowledge and people skills. Trusts need to carefully consider the matching process overall, and be especially aware of current structures, as it has been known for staff to end up being managed by those who were their staff.

Conference calls upon the Health Service Executive Committee to:

1)Prepare an education programme for Members, Stewards and Agenda for Change Practitioners, to ensure they are aware of how to address terms and conditions issues by clearly defining how to negotiate the Agenda for Change pay band moves and/or down-banding situations, to ensure best possible deals.

2)Encourage Trusts to organise structured consultation meetings, and support the staff members in the opportunity for a choice of moves to other areas of their Trust, for those affected.

3)Train stewards to liaise with managers within Trusts to be mindful of financial situations, after changes that staff frequently find themselves in, such as mortgages, loans and travel, and to ensure financial advice is available to such affected staff in areas such as these, via UNISON’s There For You or an Employee’s Assistance Programme.