Safe Driving

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2017 Energy Service Group Conference
21 February 2017

Many UNISON members working in Energy will be familiar with various safe driving initiatives introduced by energy employers. This development will include not just broad awareness of the hazards of driving but also tracking devices which can monitor speed, braking distances, erratic driving etc.

Although UNISON would support common sense approaches to ensure we all drive safely and work with employers to ensure this is the case, we are increasingly concerned at the one sided approach now often adopted by energy employers.

Recent examples of this include the prospects of instant dismissal for those who transgress while at the same time pressure on workers who drive intensifies with more appointments booked or more scheduling of work in the same working day or week. This is unacceptable and any notion of safe driving for workers needs to incorporate safe working limits.

This conference therefore calls on the Energy SGE;

1. To continue to monitor the situation with regards to safe driving and to survey energy branches to understand the scale of these initiatives.

2. To put together a briefing note to Energy branches on how UNISON reps should respond to these developments and negotiate any improvements or mitigations

3. Understand the level of disciplinary action related to this issue affecting UNISON members and branches

4. Raise the issue and seek support from the UNISON health and safety unit and bargaining support unit.