General Election

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2017 Energy Service Group Conference
12 June 2017

“This Energy conference notes that following the closing date for motion submissions a general election was called for the 8th June.

Subsequently political parties have during the hustings and manifesto launches made numerous comments about the failings in the energy market and the need to directly intervene to protect consumers or bring elements of the sector into public ownership which reflects UNISON policy.

The election outcome is now known. The re-election of the Conservative Party (without a majority) is deeply disappointing and concerning. It means it is highly likely that moves will begin to introduce price regulation/capping for consumers on standard variable tariffs.

Conference notes that UNISON has thousands of members working in the sector and right now many of these members are alarmed at what might now happen to them in way of jobs, pay and conditions.

Although accusations of profiteering, excessive executive pay and shareholder rewards have much validity and are a failing of the system it should not be our members who are made to suffer as a result of any corrective or non corrective action.

Conference therefore asks the Energy SGE to make representations on behalf of its energy membership to all who may have influence across both the political spectrum, within UNISON itself and also the wider trade unions movement and other suitable stakeholders to ensure our energy members are protected and given assurances over jobs and conditions.

We also need to do further work to keep alive the prospect of an energy sector and industry that is owned by the public, serving the public and providing quality jobs here in the UK.”