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2017 Community Service Group Conference
9 November 2016
Carried as Amended

Conference notes the work undertaken by the Service Group Executive and in particular the Community Service Group in Scotland prior to the passing of 2016 National Delegate Conference Motion 2 ‘Organising for growth’.

The preliminary work carried out by the Community Service Group in Scotland included a brief outline of regional Community structures and précis of work being undertaken regionally at June 2013. This outlined a wide range of structures and models in place for organising, representing, negotiating on behalf of, supporting and developing our membership. A number of these models are innovative, effective and exemplify good practice.

Since that time, a number of developments have taken place. We now face a completely different political landscape; legislative changes reinforce the pernicious impact of austerity measures on our sector along with renewed constraints on our ability to organise effectively existing and potential trade union members.

Additionally, internal changes within UNISON in the form of initiatives such as Activity Based Budgeting, Regional Compacts and Regional Pool bidding processes provide opportunities for us to secure improved support and development for our membership in partnership with Regions and host Branches.

The valuable work already undertaken, along with the production of the Service Group Executive’s bi-annual survey, form the building blocks of what we are seeking to achieve for our members in Community and how we play a full and active part at all levels of UNISON’s lay decision-making process and beyond.

Conference believes that, in order to develop successfully and to support our increasing membership base, the service group must develop an effective strategy for organising and developing our collective work and how we inform UNISON’s national bargaining agenda and developmental priorities.

Conference calls upon the Service Group Executive to:

1. Commission a comprehensive research project which outlines the current picture of the organisation of our membership in UNISON highlighting the various models of organising with an evaluation of these.

2. Consult widely with Branches and Regions, Regional Community Service Group Committees, Self Organised Groups, Young Members, Retired Members and all parts of the Community membership on the barriers to participation and inclusion of our membership at all levels of UNISON’s.

3. Begin the process for formulating a strategy for developing and organising the work of the Service Group and present recommendations to 2018 Community Service Group Conference.