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2017 National Black Members' Conference
16 September 2016

In a time of significant change and uncertainty within the public sector, Conference recognises that it is imperative that existing and new Black Activists are given the necessary training required by the Branch and Regional Self Organised groups to support their elected National Black Members Committee (NBMC) members.

Conference recognises that the NBMC have an important role in continuing to move forward Black members’ agenda. Due to the savage government cuts UNISON has lost some experienced Black activists within the Branches, Regional SOGs and NBMC and we know that if we are to continue being at the forefront to ensure our voices are heard we must train our Committee members.

Conference, all Committee representatives should undertake the mandatory training that all branch representatives do and be ERA (Employment Relations Act (1999)) Accredited, as this would enhance and ensure that they understand their roles and responsibilities.

The NBMC believes this will give the committee rep the confidence to be the voice of Black members.

Conference recognises that Black workers can be encouraged to become active within their branches and some regions. The more Black members that are actively involved the higher the potential for positive change.

Conference calls on the NBMC to:

1)Support and encourage branches and self organised groups (SOGs) to liaise with the Branch and regional Educational Officers to ensure that all newly elected representatives have the relevant initial accredited stewards’ training.

2)Explore and work with the Learning Organising Services to create a Handbook for newly elected committee representatives of their roles and responsibilities.

3)Support and explore with regional SOGs how to ensure that elected reps are accredited and given bitesize training with an oversight of what the expectations and responsibilities are on a national committee prior to appointment.

4)To ensure refresher courses are provided to all elected reps to enable representation, including the review of the Race Discrimination Claims Protocol and Defining Black presentation.

Submitted by: National Black Members’ Committee

NBMC Policy: Support