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2016 National Women's Conference
7 October 2015

Conference recognises that the move by many employers to limiting the use of flexible working arrangements and/ or the introduction of long shifts disproportionately affects women, yet the equality act gives us limited support in tackling these issues, and equality impact assessments are often tick box exercises rather than an effective measure of the issues.

Already increasingly women are finding it more difficult to remain in employment, as they battle with childcare or other caring arrangements, and this will be even more so with the changes to tax credits removing their ability to finance their caring arrangements.

Conference calls on the National Women’s Committee to work with appropriate bodies including LAOS to:

1)Develop and promote a training package to ensure equality officers, equality representatives and workplace representatives have the necessary skills and knowledge to request and use equality impact assessment data to challenge the direct and indirect discrimination the reduction in flexibility is creating.

2) Offer this training via a variety of methods including but not restricted to, traditional classroom style training, web based training and bespoke branch based training for lay tutors to deliver