Ensuring the Living Wage for all in the Water Industry

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2016 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
11 February 2016
Carried as Amended

WET Conference congratulates the Water Industry Sector Committee and the Executive for the work done to date in trying to ensure all within the Water Industry whether directly employed or via contract are paid the Living Wage.

It cannot be right whereby two people sat side by side are paid different amounts, one the Living Wage, the other not, dependant on whether or not they are employed by the Water Industry or via a third party.

The correspondence to date has had a reasonable effect in securing the Living Wage for all employees in the WET Service Group including many UNISON members but we need to keep the pressure up to benefit all.

This Conference agrees to ask the Executive as a priority piece of work to send follow up communications to those not compliant in the Water Industry with a closing date after which our findings will appear in the public domain to expose those who refuse to pay the Living Wage despite being very able to pay this not extortionate amount to all, whether directly employed or not.