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2016 National Retired Members Conference
14 June 2016

Conference notes that Conference Bulletin, UNISON Retired Members Conference 2016, dated April 2016, included the following paragraph:

Proportionality and Fair Representation

The principles of proportionality and fair representation contained in the NEC’s Scheme of Branch Representation must be strictly maintained. Specifically for Retired members Conference … the gender make-up of (a branch) delegation is based on the gender make-up of the retired members of the branch.

Conference observes that although the paragraph purports to deal with both proportionality and fair representation, its only specific requirement concerns proportionality and there is none concerning fair representation as defined in Rule Q.

Conference considers that the Retired Members’ Conference should, as far as practical and appropriate and with due alteration of details, be brought into line with other UNISON conferences in this respect.

Conference instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee to consult branch retired members’ sections with a view to developing a proposed amendment to the Scheme of Branch Representation to submit to the National Executive Council.