Immigration, Detention and Deportation

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2016 National Delegate Conference
1 March 2016
Carried as Amended

Conference notes:

1)The rise in anti-immigrant rhetoric and legislation both in the UK and across Europe;

2)The high proportion of Black workers in the UK who are being treated unfavourably in their workplaces by immigration legislation and policy. This is likely to impact negatively on their mental health and their ability to carry out their work duties effectively;

3)The lack of support provisions available for Black people and communities;

4)All workers have an interest in resisting racism and anti-immigrant scaremongering;

5)Migrant workers are a valuable and welcome part of the workforce and trade union movement.

6)Conference believes current immigration practice leads to unfavourable treatment of Black workers who do not have full legal rights to reside in the UK. They face a number of issues including:

a)Deportation before appeal

b)No right to housing

c)No financial support from public funds

d)Detention (which divides families)

Conference therefore calls on the National Executive Council to work with the National Black members committee to:

i)Request Labour Link informs the Labour Party of our opposition to anti-immigrant scapegoating and asks for their support to make changes to immigration legislation;

ii)Continue to promote the UNISON affiliated 24 hour helpline with the Joint Council for Welfare of Immigrants and UNISON’s migrant worker networks throughout the union, Black members’ structures and in UNISON publications;

iii)Work with organisations who have a record of best practice in supporting Black people on immigration issues;

iv)Continue to work with anti-racist organisations – such as Hope not Hate – to combat anti-migrant racism;

v)Raise awareness of the issues in UNISON publications.