Welcoming UNISON’s new Private Contractors National Forum

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2016 National LGBT Conference
27 July 2016

This conference welcomes new UNISON Rule D 4 which introduces a new Private Contractors National Forum.

Conference recognises that some private sector employers discourage trade union membership, raise barriers to trade union organising, may not recognise our union, and place equality initiatives at a low priority.

UNISON members who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) may feel less supported and more vulnerable to harassment and discrimination. As a result there is often an even greater need for branches to organise LGBT members, support stewards, and work on equality issues in these workplaces.

This conference calls upon our national LGBT committee, working with the other self-organised groups where appropriate, to seek to work with the new Private Contractors National Forum to ensure equality is at the heart of their priorities.

This conference instructs the national LGBT committee to:

1. Encourage LGBT members working with private sector contractors to get involved in the new forum;

2. Ensure our guides to negotiating and bargaining on LGBT issues are fully inclusive of private sector contractors;

3. Consider organising appropriate workshops, forums or other means to identify and raise particular organising and bargaining issues relevant to LGBT members working for private sector contractors.