Partnership working within the NHS

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2016 Health Care Service Group Conference
18 December 2015
Carried as Amended

Conference with this Tory led government posing massive threats to our trade union, with the new TU Bill that’s likely to become law this will put greater risks to the excellent partnership working that hospital NHS trusts and trades unions/staff side have built up over the years and worked hard to achieve. Whilst working with senior NHS management and other trade unions.

With a high number of union members working for the NHS, Senior management are now seeing the benefits of partnership working between themselves and the trade unions that represent all the staff working in our health system.

We all know the massive benefits from partnership working for staff, which benefits patients and visitors especially while the morale of staff working in the NHS is at an all-time low due to pay restraints and transformation after transformation.

Research shows partnership working within the NHS reduces sickness levels, stress and aids retention, thus reducing job vacancies by encouraging and supporting staff to have a say in how to make things better in the workplace which helps the reduction in patient complaints. Which in turn builds a happier workforce and helps Hospital trusts become an outstanding trust providing high quality and adaptable services.

Conference instructs the SGE to:

1)build better and more structural partnership with regional officers and local branches in supporting the work that trusts already do, by having clear plans for joint management and trades union/staff side meetings on how we could improve this locally between senior NHS management and local union branch officers.

2)organise regions to work with those trusts that don’t have a good/positive partnership working, to liaise with other branches and or trusts to establish how well the partnership working is performing. By utilising regional heads of health and increased engagement by NHS trusts though the Social Partnership Forum.

3)ask Unison Health Sector to survey all trusts to see how well partnership working is doing and putting plans in place to helping those who needs help.

4)establish partnership working with in the private sector as more of our public services are becoming fragmented to the private and voluntary sector.

Partnership working is very important and was highlighted in the Francis Report as necessary for the care of our patients and staff.