Motion on Revalidation

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2016 Health Care Service Group Conference
10 December 2015

Conference notes that the introduction of revalidation was a key recommendation following the Francis enquiry.

Revalidation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council will come into effect from April 2016, it will affect all 680,000 nurses and midwives who are currently regulated by the NMC. Replacing the outdated system of Prep, will be a challenge for every nurse and employer.

Whilst supportive of a change, UNISON’s position with the NMC has been clear from the outset, revalidation should be risk based & proportionate and it must not lead to an increase in registration fees. To ensure that these principles are maintained during implementation, it is vital that a robust evaluation is carried out from its commencement and that monitoring assesses the full impact of the new system on registrants but also on the service.

Conference commends the work that UNISON has already undertaken in preparing members for revalidation, including a national briefing for staff and reps, a guidance booklet and a FAQ sheet.

Conference calls upon the Health Service Group Executive to:

1)Work with activists to use revalidation as an opportunity for us to help our members to prepare for the new system.

2)Build in revalidation briefings into our recruitment and organising work

3)Seek to develop education resources to help support members in the management of their portfolios;

4)Continue to run revalidation briefings and monitor the outcomes of those sessions;

5)Seek to evaluate all aspects of revalidation to ensure that the NMC are transparent and that UNISON raises concerns as they arise to ensure there are no unforeseen consequences of revalidation;

6)Continue to monitor the impact of workforce planning;

7)Monitor the work of the devolved nations in preparing members for revalidation in order to build on good practice.