Junior Doctor’s dispute and unsocial hours payments

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2016 Health Care Service Group Conference
17 December 2015

Conference congratulates the Health Service Group Executive that met in November 2015, for unanimously agreeing its full support for the junior doctors.

Conference notes that the motion included the following wording:

“UNISON’s Health Service Group Executive (HSGE) gives its full support to the proposed strike action by BMA members over changes to the contracts of Junior Doctor’s. The HSGE calls upon UNISON’s Health Branches to do everything they can to lawfully support any protests or picket lines when members are on breaks or off duty.

The HSGE recognises that if this government succeeds in cutting unsocial hours pay for Junior Doctors then they will come back with their attacks on the pay of other health workers many of whom are represented by UNISON.

The HSGE believes that it is important that all health workers stand together to defend their terms and conditions from attack by this government and make clear that the NHS needs more money and not less to look after service users and that that this money should not be at the expense of the pay, terms and conditions of any health workers.”

Conference calls on the Health Service Group Executive to:

1)continue to give support to the BMA Junior Doctors

2) to make clear to NHS Employers that UNISON is not prepared to:

i)reduce or give up the unsocial hours payments that our members currently have

ii)give up or reduce unsocial hours payments for new starters

3) keep Regional Health Committees, branches and members up to date with developments on unsocial hours payments