Impact of Demand on Health Workers

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2016 Health Care Service Group Conference
18 December 2015

The impact of increasing demand on health workers is becoming intolerable. Staff feel less and less appreciated and under more and more pressure, and this produces a further barrier for disabled people in the workplace.

Conference, we are concerned that longer shifts are particularly impacting on the ability of disabled people and women to remain in the workplace. With aggressive sickness management at employer level, increased working hours, increased workloads and reduced breaks.

Conference Disabled members welcome UNISON’s ‘Undervalued, overwhelmed… health members’ survey: pay, staffing and morale’ which clearly demonstrated how health members are feeling but we believe the impact of the increasing demand on disabled workers in health is significantly increased than other workers.

Conference, the National Disabled Members Committee welcome the unions approach to getting a better deal via the Agenda for Change talks but we must use this as an opportunity to underpin the principles of equality and ensure that Agenda for Change conditions are not watered down. We need to ensure that the balance is right for us all.

Conference calls on the Health Service Group Executive to;

1)Ensure that any proposed changes are equality impact assessed

2)Develop a process for monitoring the impact of any changes on equality groups post implementation

3)Consider developing a positive promotion of health workers and the work they do