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2016 National Disabled Members' Conference
8 July 2016
Carried as Amended

Conference will recall the horrific events of the Holocaust and the millions of lives that perished as the Nazis pursued mass genocide. This included people with disability that were put to death because of their disability. Their story should never be forgotten. The Holocaust began as early as July 1933, when the Nazis passed a law that allowed forced sterilisation of 350,000 men and women, who were deemed likely to produce ‘inferior’ children.

Conference further notes that between 1939 and 1941 a programme of euthanasia (so called ‘mercy killing’), ordered by the state, led to the murder, by doctors and medical staff, of at least 70,000 people. This policy continued in one way or another through to 1945. The experience gained by the Nazis, as a result of the euthanasia programme, was also put to use from 1941 onwards when the Nazis sought to murder the Jews of Europe.

Conference acknowledges that the Tory Government have officially recognised Holocaust Memorial Day however have stopped short of including Holocaust studies on the curriculum of schools. Conference will note that education is key to making sure that these atrocities don’t happen again.

Conference will further note the exemplary work undertaken by Sefton Branch in Holocaust education with annual study trips to Auschwitz and commemorative services while there.

Conference calls upon the National Disabled Members Committee working with the NEC and Regional Disabled Members Groups to

1. Raise awareness of the fact that disabled people were targeted during the Holocaust

2. Consider how Holocaust Memorial day can be commemorated in our union and include commemoration of the lives of people with disabilities who perished.

3. Encourage support of the Sefton Branch Holocaust study trip and other regions doing their own study trip.

4. Support the work of Hope Not Hate in combating the Far Right.

5. Campaign for the inclusion of Holocaust Studies on the national curriculum.