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2016 National Disabled Members' Conference
5 July 2016
Carried as Amended

At Conference it is noted with concern that some members are still having problems getting reasonable adjustments implemented in their workplace. For the fortunate ones that do manage to get them they are not followed through or monitored and kept up to date as their needs change. Some employers are also still too quick to take our members down the capability route rather than implement reasonable adjustments even when they are just simple ones to put in place, such as a change in monitors or a change of shift or days.

The majority of employers have no concurrent or specific training that they impart to relevant line managers, supervisors or team leaders. Or they simply choose to take no notice of what their, usually more understanding Union Equality or Unison Officers are asking them to implement.

Most employers think that a quick read of a policy is all that is needed, which although gives a basic knowledge in some issues it is not a whole spectrum of what they may encounter from various disabilities or understand and recognise non-apparent disabilities. Pressure needs to be applied on employers to adopt and apply specific disability policies for their employees and strive to keep them in employment, through making reasonable adjustments.

This needs to be addressed urgently.

Conference; we call upon the National Disabled Members Committee to liaise with the service groups and sector committees and campaign to:

1.promote appropriate training on reasonable adjustments for relevant staff in employers.

2. produce guidance which includes the positive benefits of reasonable adjustments to inform employers of the legal requirements of reasonable adjustments to get the best out of their staff.

3. ask that all policies that relate to members of staff be reviewed and updated to include good practice for reasonable adjustments and also for regular updates.

4.develop with employers good and effective use of these policies.