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2016 National Disabled Members' Conference
14 June 2016

This Conference recognises this phrase – ‘I’ll only be a minute’ as the most common reason abled bodied motorists give for parking in ‘disabled’ designated parking bays.

For those motorists, or their passengers, who have mobility issues and who rely on theses spaces to be able to access work, services and shopping etc. the lack of consideration by other motorists can be an overwhelming issue when an individual has no other option than an accessible suitably sized and located bay.

Conference believes that the ‘I’ll only be a minute….’ motorists need educational assistance to understand why their attitude is unacceptable and harmful to the access needs of those with mobility issues.

Conference calls upon the National Disabled Members Committee to seek ways in which attitudes can be changed in this country. We would ask that the Committee:-

1)work with the NEC and Service Groups where workers have a role in ‘policing’ parking such as ‘Local Government’ and also ‘Police and Justice’ to seek ways of educating the public on the issues and also investigating such initiatives:-

a)the ‘brown badge’ schemes to see if they assist or detract from improvement

b)more effective ‘policing’ of bays

2. seek ways of raising the issue with the TUC and other organisations with similar mutual interest such as organisations working with those with mobility issues.

3. raise the issue through the APF to draw attention to the concerns with sympathetic MPs and members of devolved governments.

4. seek to encourage a wider discussion on the issues of the issue by education and publicity, particularly in UNISON publications, e.g. You magazine.

5. encourage branches to challenge local authorities and businesses such as supermarkets to ensure that they support the proper provision and use of ‘disabled’ designated parking bays.