Changes to Working Hours

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2015 National Women's Conference
16 October 2014

Since the introduction of the Health & Social Care Act more care is expected to be provided at home, Women working in the NHS, Local Government and Voluntary Sectors are seeing the move towards a 24 hour / 7 day service being implemented at a rapid rate and more and more requests for flexible working being turned down as they don’t meet the needs of the service.

Increasingly the workforce is required to provide extended hours of work including, in some areas covering a 24 hour shift pattern where previously this was not required.

This significant change to working practices is creating increasingly disproportionate difficulties for women, who it is known generally have more responsibilities to organise to enable them to attend work.

Conference therefore calls upon the National Women’s Committee to work with all relevant bodies including service groups to review UNISON guidance on various policies with a view to improving negotiations further on flexible working, and the implementation of shift patterns that don’t have a disproportionate impact on women workers