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2015 National Retired Members Conference
11 June 2015

Conference notes that with the introduction of the new state pension from April 2016 there will exist a two tier system. Existing pensioners will not be entitled to receive the new level of basic state pension. Although the method of indexation will be the same for both old and new pensions i.e. the triple lock, the implementation will result in a widening of the gap in pension payments. This is because the higher amount under the triple lock will be applied to the whole of the new pension, whilst it will only apply to the basic element of the old and will not be payable on SERPS, S2P, Graduated etc. which make up the balance of the old pension.

Conference instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee and calls upon the National Executive Council to campaign to right this injustice and to make sure that the application of the method of indexation applies equally to both old and new pensions.