Consideration of a Rule Change

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2015 National Retired Members Conference
17 June 2015
Carried as Amended

The region notes that under Section C no.2.6.3 it specifies that ‘Retired Members shall be entitled to attend branch meetings and to vote on issues not relating to the pay and conditions of members in employment. They will be entitled to stand for office and vote only for the positions in the Retired Members’ organisation unless otherwise determined by the National Executive Council or as otherwise provided for in these rules’.

The Wales Retired Members Committee believes that this rule is unduly prescriptive and shows no appreciation of the situation a number of branches currently face.

Clearly whilst it is reasonable that retired members should have no part in the discussion on pay and conditions of working members, it is unreasonable to prevent them from providing much needed services to the branch by standing for election as Treasurer, Welfare Officer or Sports and Social Officer.

This proposed rule change does not inhibit employed and younger members from standing but the UNISON Cymru/Wales Retired Members Committee believes it important that Branches should have the opportunity to use the experience and knowledge of the many well-equipped retired members in the wider number of positions available rather than limiting their involvement in the work of the branch to that of Retired Members’ Officer.

The Committee therefore proposes a review of Rule C.2.6.3 with a view to creating opportunities for Retired Members to put themselves forward for election to those offices of the branch which are not involved in pay and conditions of working members.

Conference therefore calls on the National Retired Members Committee to propose a review of the above rule by the National Executive Council.