Computer Says No

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2015 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
1 October 2015

In June 2013 Accenture PLC a multi national management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company were awarded the i6 project, which will see a single system operate across Scotland, described by Police Scotland as the “largest and most significant transformational change ever undertaken by the service”, replacing 135 existing IT and paper-based systems and providing police officers with a state-of-the art crime fighting tool.

On the 17th September, and as reported in the Sunday Herald on Sunday 20th September, UNISON Police Staff Scotland branch were informed that there is a substantial amount of failures in the user acceptance testing, that essentially this project is behind schedule and could have significant ramifications on the austerity strained budget. The savings from this project have already been built into this year’s budget causing significant concern and huge uncertainty for our members.

Accenture are already promoting this product as the future for policing and have started to engage with forces in England and Wales.

Conference request the SGE to raise awareness across all English, Welsh and Northern Ireland branches about I6 project.