Alan Turing and Gross Indecency Convictions

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2015 National LGBT Conference
15 July 2015

Conference applauds the posthumous Royal Pardon granted to Alan Turing for his 1952 gross indecency conviction, effective in December 2013. However Conference believes that such pardons should be given to all men, living and deceased, who were similarly convicted because of their homosexuality.

Conference agrees that the legislation that allowed such convictions was iniquitous, unjust and discriminatory and that to set the record straight its effects on those still living with such convictions and the families of those who died with them on their record should be afforded the same Royal Pardon.

Conference therefore instructs the national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender committee to liaise with the national executive council and other relevant bodies to initiate/support a campaign to achieve royal pardons for all men convicted under this archaic and outdated legislation and to have their convictions expunged from the record.