Disabled members and facility time

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2015 Energy Service Group Conference
22 February 2015

Conference is concerned to hear that facility time within the Energy Sector is being diminished.

This particularly affects many representatives who are call takers, this is an occupation undertaken by many disabled members, who are already struggling to meet their targets / attendance due to their disability.

Declaring your disability can be a scary thing as a lot of employers are not sympathetic when disabled members apply for disability leave, so asking for facility time is well down their list. Some disabled members feel more comfortable having a disabled representative who has the expertise and knowledge when facing management meetings or sickness reviews.

To keep disabled workers in work in the Energy Sector we must fight to ensure that facility time does not become a thing of the past.

We therefore call upon the Service Group Executive to negotiate with the various energy employers / companies to ensure that facility time is not lost and that disabled members feel confident that when needed they have the appropriate representation.