Concessionary travel passes.

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2015 National Disabled Members' Conference
8 June 2015

Conference notes the benefits that access to public transport, such as buses, trains and coaches, can bring to many disabled people.

Concessionary Passes enable this access but the conditions applicable vary across different nations of the United Kingdom. Also currently, passes issued in one country cannot be used in another.

Conference believes that there would be great benefit in the provision of such passes in a consistent manner and usable anywhere within the United Kingdom.

The current arrangements can disadvantage disabled people who:-

– Have to travel across borders to access medical facilities or treatment, often of a specialised nature

– Live close to one of the borders and work in adjoining country

– Are away from home for work purposes, union work or social occasions.

Conference also recognises that access to appropriate forms of public transport can benefit disabled people:-

– Who are disadvantaged because they are living in rural areas

– Whose ability to travel would have therapeutic effect

Conference calls upon the National Disabled Members Committee to :-

1.Seek support for these views from Labour Link and other compatible organisations

2.Aim to build public opinion to call for Concessionary Travel Passes, incorporating the best practice of those currently to be available to disabled people and for these passes to be usable across the whole of the United Kingdom.