Living Wage for All

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2015 Community Service Group Conference
5 November 2014
Carried as Amended

Conference is disturbed to hear, that despite the introduction of the minimum wage in 1999 by a Labour Government, some employers in the care sector both in the community and private sectors are still paying their staff a pittance.

Working in a care home or looking after the most vulnerable people in our society in their homes, is both physically and mentally challenging, which is even more stressful if you happen to be a disabled care worker. Usually working long and unsociable hours for very little reward, either due to low value contracts with community organisations or private owners reaping huge profits, their staff are struggling to live and more often than not relying on benefits and food banks top ups to make ends meet.

In 21st century Britain this is morally wrong, we must campaign to ensure that these workers, don’t just receive the minimum wage but a wage which allows them to work and earn without reliance on other benefits.

Conference, therefore calls upon the Community SGE to continue its work in supporting the local government sector to put pressure on Government, Local Authorities and the community and voluntary and private sectors, to adopt the Ethical Care Charter for their own staff and their supply chains.

To work with relevant organisations such as the Living Wage Foundation to ensure that these members are paid a decent wage for the decent work they do.