Black Well Being

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2015 National Black Members' Conference
1 January 2015
Carried as Amended

Conference austerity is having a severe and negative effect not just on the pocket but also on the health and well being of UK citizens, especially Black people within their communities.

With research showing an increase in job losses for Black members through reorganisations and restructures and some of these situations leading to an increase in mental health problems, depression and a sense of despair, as long term unemployment takes its toll on our members.

It is time for forward thinking investment to enable access to support, in obtaining real employment and not short term zero hour contracts, which have no realistic opportunity to workers to remain in secure long term employment. Contracts which continues to ensure a downward spiral into poverty, one of the key routes of depression and mental health problems.

Conference calls on the NBMC to continue to work with the NEC to:

1) Produce information on the impact of health and well being at work through publication of organisations that support Black communities;

2) Update via Black Action and other UNISON communication on the work of effective occupational health services to keep workers in work and help them to return to work as soon as possible;

3) Promote the use of Risk Assessments to identify all workplace stressors;

4) Highlight the impact of austerity measures on Black employees via the Freedom Of Information Research undertaken by UNISON.