Women Active in Unison

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2014 National Women's Conference
18 October 2013
Carried as Amended

As the trade union with the highest density of women members it is disturbing that so few women are active in their branches or across the union at regional and national level.

Self organization should be at the heart of our union and we must ensure that women have the opportunity to be involved from local groups up to national committee level

At Branch level we still have gatekeepers who prevent potential women activists from coming forwards to be involved in their union and their branch.

Statistics show that the high level branch positions are still in the majority held by men.

It is now time to look at where we are and take stock of what roles women play in Unison. We must highlight the benefits of being involved and how women’s voices can be heard loud and clear.

Now is the time to look at how we recruit stewards that truly reflect the make up of our membership.

As a union we must ensure that women are at the forefront of what we do, how we recruit and how we campaign.

National Women’s Conference asks that the National Women’s Committee produces material to promote what the benefits of being a Female Unison activist brings.

To carry out research on the levels of female activism across the regions and report back to National Women’s Conference 2015.