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2014 National Retired Members Conference
1 January 2014

The National Retired Members’ Committee continues to work to ensure that the UNISON website serves as an efficient means of communicating with over 166,000 Retired members. It is vital that members are provided with information about campaigns that they can get involved with and the activities being undertaken by UNISON.

Conference notes that since the untimely demise of “interactive” there has not been any direct means of communication with retired members except the “U” Magazine. Articles in this publication, whilst interesting and informative, seldom address any of the important issues of concern to retired members and seldom present positive image of older and/or retired members involved with UNISON’s wider affairs.

Conference further notes that use of the national web site has not been as effective as it could be in reporting retired member activities.

Conference instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee (NRMC) seeking the support of the National Executive Council as need be to look at how communications can be made more effective and by considering adopting the following:

1. Producing an electronic copy of “interactive” on a regular basis

2. Keeping the National Retired Members’ web-site page up to date

3. Having regular communication between the National and Regional Retired Members’ Committees

4. Encouraging Regions to produce retired members’ newssheets on a regular basis

5. Encouraging Regions to have and maintain up to date retired members’ page on their web-sites.

In addition, Conference asks the NRMC to investigate the feasibility of establishing a database of retired member email addresses to which the electronic version of Interactive could be sent to directly.

Conference further instructs the NRMC to seek to ensure that UNISON’s publications consistently present images of older and/or retired members which recognise their diversity and appreciate their contribution.