Post Incident Procedures

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2014 Police & Justice Conference
24 June 2014
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that the Service Group arranged, last year, a workshop facilitated by Thompson’s Solicitors at Conference at Brighton to discuss Post Incident Procedures (PIP). This recognised the significant impact and increasing number of instances where Police Staff are involved and/or affected by these procedures in the immediate aftermath of a serious incident and in some cases many months later.

Post Incident Procedures do not just result through firearms incidents, we see more through any “Police Contact” which could result in serious injury or death, as a result of placing Officers, Police Staff and the Public at risk, or through failings in command. A significant number of branches have had to deal with this process through death in custody, but our Control Room Operators, Call Handlers, Police Community Support Officers and in some cases Scenes of Crime staff have also become involved. PIP procedures will involve the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and the risk to our members cannot be underestimated if they are later called to court to account for their actions. Be it Criminal Courts or at an Inquest. Irrespective of the fact, being taken to a secure location whilst the initial investigation takes place and not being allowed to confer with your colleagues isn’t traumatic enough.

Several Branches have undertaken some training with the assistance of the Police Federation or the Police Firearms Officers Association and do see the risks involved and have taken steps to ensure our members can receive the assistance of the union. But not all of us have had that luxury and more importantly not all of us have that level of understanding. Worryingly, a large section of our membership (who could be affected by this) receive little or no input or awareness from their employers and it is us they turn to in these situations.

Conference therefore calls the Service Group, in recognition of the impact these procedures are having on our members, to work with Thompson’s Solicitors and recognised experts in the field to:

1)Provide guidance to Branches with regards to our rules and responsibilities with regards to Post Incident Procedures.

2)Work with Learning and Organising Services to provide a Police Staff “bespoke” training course on PIP.