Bullying in the workplace

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2014 Police & Justice Conference
26 June 2014
Carried as Amended

Conference due to overwhelming cuts in policing, police staff are facing increased pressure due to the reductions in the workforce. Police staff are being disproportionately effected and bearing the full brunt of this governments cuts agenda. This has lead to managers being under increasing pressure to deliver a service with an ever decreasing workforce. We have seen a massive increase in bullying cases within the police service due to the poor management styles, lack of training and increased pressure to delivery more with less. Forces own policies in relation to bullying are ineffective and don’t address the wider issue and the impact this is having on our members health.

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to

1)work with Police forces to highlight the importance of retaining police staff numbers;

2)to carry out a survey of our members to find out the true extent of the problem;

3)to develop a unison policy available to branches to help them deal with the issue of bullying.