Northern Ireland Peace Process

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2014 National Delegate Conference
25 February 2014
Carried as Amended

Conference is alarmed at the growing levels of sectarianism and division and continued and escalating violence and intimidation which is destabilising the peace process in Northern Ireland.

Conference applauds the public stance taken by the Irish trade union movement currently led in Northern Ireland by UNISON. On the 31st January trade unionists led a public protest at the failure of the Northern Ireland Government and political parties to agree a way forward on the unfinished business of the Good Friday Agreement, with particular emphasis on equality and human rights, a Bill of Rights, and a process for dealing with the past.

While not a panacea for all the post conflict problems facing the People, the long overdue Bill of Rights will have a powerful and positive effect. This element of the Peace Agreement is the responsibility of the UK Government to enact at Westminster. It has consistently refused to do so, despite the fact that the only agreed recommendation of its own Commission was that there should be a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland.

Conference commits to using UNISON’s influence to press for this unfinished business to become once again a political priority, including seeking its inclusion in the Labour Party manifesto and policy programme.