Mental Health Awareness Provision in the Workplace

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2014 National Delegate Conference
21 February 2014
Carried as Amended

Currently no employer has a specific procedure for supporting workers mental health conditions and/or disabilities.

Conference agrees that UNISON, as a union, should develop a good example of such a procedure, covering both temporary and long term hidden mental health conditions. In addition, that we will commit to work with employers to promote appropriate, quality training for staff of all levels around mental health awareness issues.

Conference believes this would help challenge negative and assuming attitudes towards mental health in the workplace. It would be a first step towards removing the stigma, so prevalent in society, around what can often be unseen, misunderstood and unreported conditions.

Conference hopes this motion will result in assisting members with mental health conditions and employers by providing a framework to refer to, and encourage employers to start an open dialogue with staff on this issue.

Through increased understanding employers will have greater opportunity to work with us to help keep workers both physically and mentally healthy; provide support in the workplace and meaningful assistance in getting back to work for workers experiencing mental health related issues.