Building on our work on tackling biphobia

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2014 National LGBT Conference
30 July 2014

Conference welcomes the resolution carried at the 2013 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) conference, reaffirming the principles and values of our group, including our commitment to zero tolerance of biphobia.

Conference further welcomes education and training sessions at our conference, for the national LGBT committee and for branch and regional LGBT groups on identifying and tackling the myths about bisexuality, bisexuality as a trade union issue, and on how to take action to eradicate biphobia in the workplace.

Conference notes that this work is never completed but must be a dynamic part of our annual programmes. We must continue the work within our LGBT group, but also seek to ensure it is taken on board across the union, increasing awareness of bi equality issues amongst stewards, negotiators and other reps.

Conference calls on the national LGBT committee, working with the bisexual members caucus, to maintain the momentum of our work on tackling biphobia in all aspects of UNISON’s recruiting, organising, negotiating, campaigning and international work and:

1. Work with regional and branch groups to highlight examples of best practice in tackling biphobia;

2. Seek articles in ‘U’ Magazine or ‘InFocus’ on biphobia and the challenges facing bisexual members;

3. Provide feedback to 2015 conference.