Campaign for Ambulance Workers Pension Retirement Age

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2014 Health Care Service Group Conference
11 December 2013

Conference proposes that UNISON campaigns to bring front line ambulance workers pension retirement age in line with other emergency workers. Front line ambulance staff are soon to be expected to work until they are 67 years old, this is unrealistic bearing in mind the arduous and unpredictable nature of the work. Shift work and long hours, heavy lifting and stress all take their toll on health. Fire fighters can retire at age 55 and police officers retire at 60. Ambulance staff are every bit at the forefront of the emergency services that the people expect. Fire fighters and police officers have more opportunity to move onto administrative duties without losing significant amounts of pay.

Conference asks that ambulance staff be allowed the prospect of retiring at a reasonable age before ill health forces early retirement. Ambulance staff already have a higher than average retirement due to ill health.

Conference therefore calls on the Health Service Group Executive to campaign for a retirement age of 60 years old for front line ambulance staff.