Green Deal and the Need to Insulate UK Homes

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2014 Energy Service Group Conference
18 February 2014

This Conference laments the poor performance of the Governments flagship Green Deal programme.

We also note the continued difficulties evident in the relatively slow and problematic take up of initiatives like Energy Company Obligation and its predecessor the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target. Too much resource is used simply trying to identify those eligible for assistance. Energy members seeking to administer such schemes are often frustrated with its bureaucratic nature yet recognise that such initiatives are important and it is right that energy companies have obligations placed on them

Conference is appalled that the UK comes bottom of the fuel poverty league table for Western Europe according to recent research. The woeful levels of insulation in the country’s homes are sending energy bills through the roof and although many countries in Europe have paid more for their energy, better quality home insulation means our neighbours pay less to heat their homes.

It is unacceptable that in modern Britain 5 million households faced fuel poverty last winter and over 7,000 people die as a result of cold homes every year.

Members working in the Energy industry are all too aware of the failings of government policy in this area and have to deal the consequences of vulnerable consumers struggling to pay bills. This itself is very challenging for members day in and day out.

What is required is a national programme of home insulation measures delivered in a systematic manner organised to work door to door to achieve 100% coverage.

Conference therefore calls on the Service Group Executive to;

I)Continue to develop a clear policy narrative that supports a systematic national programme of home insulation measures delivered on a door to door basis and funded from the proceeds of carbon taxes and other monies currently set aside for home insulation programmes.

II)Work with Energy Bill Revolution to campaign on the issue and raise the profile of any campaign.

III)Lobby the government and shadow energy team to pursue policy in support of the above objectives to ensure they are delivered.

IV)Work with UNISON charity ‘there for you’ to find ways to support members suffering from fuel poverty.