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2014 National Disabled Members' Conference
3 July 2014

Conference will note that the austerity measures introduced by the ConDem government have had a disproportionate effect on disabled people. Benefits have been slashed and the work capability assessor has treated disabled people with callousness and inhumanity. Therefore the removal of the ConDem government has to be a priority for disabled people in the next year.

The Labour Party remains the only viable alternative however the vote of disabled members should not be taken for granted. Disabled Members in Unison should set out expectations for the next Labour government. These expectations need to reverse the injustices of the ConDems and set out practical solutions to better the livelihoods of disabled people.

Therefore conference calls upon the National Disabled Members Committee working in conjunction with the National Labour Link Committee to

1)Campaign for the reversal of the bedroom tax

2)Campaign for work capability assessments to be carried out with dignity and humanity

3)Campaign for any house building programme to include homes suitably adapted for disabled people

4)Campaign for an NHS that fully meets the needs of disabled people

5)Encourage disabled members to join the Labour Party and engage in policy development.