Campaign for a European Recognition of Slavery

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2014 National Black Members' Conference
9 August 2013

Mr. Jean-Jacob Bicep and Ms. Eva Joly, courageous Green MEPs from France, who are championing the promotion in and outside the European Parliament, under Rule 123 of the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, of the Written Declaration on Establishing a European Day in Recognition of the Victims of European Colonisation and Colonial Slavery, submitted on 15th April 2013.

We urge the diligent rediscovery of, respect for and long overdue recognition of the invaluable work of all such Heroes and Heroines as outstandingly exemplary Labour Freedom fighters whose creativity of Trade Union Activism in general, and of Pan-Afrikan Community Unionism in particular, must now be fully acknowledged as a most vital, indelible and rich contribution to shaping the proud Heritage of the working class and labour, racial, class and gender equality as well as human and peoples’ rights, civil liberties and participatory democratic movements in Britain, Europe, Afrika, the Americas including the Caribbean and, indeed, throughout the World.

We appeal to the National Black Members’ Committee to work with the National Executive Council to support all progressive forces within and beyond the Labour movement to help Pan-Afrikan Activists interested in the Community cohesion activities of UNISON.

In connection with this campaign:

Conference calls on National Black Members’ Committee in conjunction with the National Executive Council to lend moral support that can be mustered, from within and beyond the Labour movement, to the ongoing work of various trade union branches at grassroots levels in and outside Britain, in seeking to rally massive solidarity, especially through efforts of Community Cohesion.

Conference calls on the NBMC to work with the National Executive Council to:

1)Explore and discuss with our International section of the establishment of the global commemoration of an annual International Reparations for Emancipation Season , to be held from 1st August (Emancipation Day) up to October (Black History Month).

2)Discuss with Labour Link on the possibility of submitting an early day motion through our sponsored MP’s on this issue with a view to reporting back to our International section on the work undertaken

3)Report the campaign in UNISON mediums and Black Action on this important initiative and how we can give support to this campaign.