Personal Protective Equipment Checklist for Safety Representatives

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2013 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
5 February 2013

Water, Environment and Transport Conference 2013 calls upon the WET Executive to devise a checklist to ensure that any PPE is compliant with the law.

As a minimum, the checklist should include:

• Check with employers that PPE was purchased from reputable suppliers i.e. from

Companies displaying the logo of the Registered Safety Suppliers (RSS) scheme.

• Check that all safety equipment carries the required C E mark on the product labelling and marking and is in the correct font and at least 5mm high.

• For high risk products including respirators and chemical protective clothing check that the C E mark is accompanied by a 4 digit number.

• Check that written instructions for use were provided in plain language of English and other appropriate languages where necessary

• Check that the name and address of the manufacturer is detailed on the user instructions

Following these basic simple guidelines with employers will assist ensuring the safety of the members we represent.