UNISON Charter for Older People

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2013 National Retired Members Conference
13 June 2013

Conference recalls the UNISON Charter for Older People which was, it found, useful material to retain members at retirement and to promote UNISON, its Retired Members’ Organisation and trades unionism generally to old people and their organisations.

Conference is disappointed that the charter is long out of print and there are no plans to re-issue it.

Conference notes that:

1)In reply to a question on its Annual Report in 2011, the National Retired Members’ Committee said that, instead of the charter, reference to older members’ issues will be included as Million Voices materials are updated; but,

2)Asked in 2012 what materials had been updated and what references there had been, the committee gave only one instance, the Home Care Campaign.

Conference considers there is a need for both:

a)Material which integrates old people’s issues into the wider work of the union to promote UNISON as a whole including its Retired Members; and,

b)Material which concentrates on old peoples issues in particular and which promotes the Retired Members’ Organisation as such.

Conference therefore instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee to seek a revision and reprint of the charter or something similar.