Transgender Uniform

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2013 Police & Justice Conference
7 June 2013
Carried as Amended

Conference welcomes the progress made for our members nationally who identify themselves as part of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) network and also recognises the great achievement that many forces are shown as top 100 employers on the Stonewall index. Conference also welcomes the acceptance that there are several strands to those who consider themselves transgendered.

However it is noticeable that forces still seem to have restrictions in their appearance standards with regard to the issue and wearing of police uniforms. Many items issued are still formally noted as male and female items with strict guidelines surrounding who can wear them and how they need to present. This appears to be the situation nationally and particularly in terms of issue of police uniform.

There does seem to be some allowance for those who are identified as transsexual and are undergoing gender reassignment but this seems to be mentioned only briefly and does not seem to encourage openness about their sexuality.

It is commonly accepted that some that identify as transgender do not wish to undergo gender reassignment but may wish to present as their opposite sex. Forces should be encouraged to include within their appearance/ uniform policies, or within a stand alone transgender policy, all those who identify as transgender.

Conference instructs Service Group Executive (SGE) to

1)Create a template policy around transgender issues for branches to use when negotiating relevant policies with the employer.

2)Encourage Forces to consider allowing transgender employees issue of both male and female uniform in line with current transgender definitions and clearly acknowledge this group of people within policy and procedure.