Policing in Austerity

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2013 Police & Justice Conference
7 June 2013
Carried as Amended

This conference condemns the policy of the government in its approach to reducing the Police Service of England and Wales. Our members are expected to take on more and more for less. Our Jobs are constantly under threat of redundancy or review which has the effect of driving down the moral and confidence of the Police Staff workforce. We are now seeing Police Officers taking up the slack left by redundant Police Staff, this surely does not make economic sense and takes away valuable resources from the front line.

With the prospect of further reductions in funding, this conference is concerned that Police Staff will be expected to bear the brunt of further cuts and a lessening of police resilience.

Conference calls upon the Service Group Executive (SGE) to:

1)Maintain a high media profile around Police Staff cuts.

2)Revitalise the Cut Crime Not policing campaign.

3)Seek to challenge cuts within the media where practicable.