Lack of ACPO and APCC voice against Cuts to Policing

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2013 Police & Justice Conference
11 June 2013

The North West Regional Police and Justice Committee is extremely concerned that there is no action/response from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) or the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) at a national level to identify the current and prospective impact on on-going cuts to policing budgets is having on delivering a policing service that will keep our communities safe from harm and criminal activity. With Police Officer and Police Staff numbers plummeting their silence is assisting the Home Secretary and her Government in delivering such savage cuts that we believe will put the public in danger and set policing back 30 years.

The North West Region is organising a regional campaign to make the public aware of the loss of staff, loss of services and misinformation regarding crime recording.

We believe there is no joined up working between ACPO and the APCC on the consequences of cuts and reduced services that communities across not just the North West but across the country will suffer.

This Region is also disappointed at the lack of national publicity our Service Group issues are receiving both within the union and the media, very rarely do we see Police and Justice issues on our own union’s front pages, this must change.

We call upon the Service Group Executive to:

1)Make our concerns known to ACPO and the APCC, with a view of working to inform the Home Secretary and the public what the real impact will be.

2)Seek to raise the issue with UNISON’s General Secretary and request that he also raises the issues within Government, ACPO and the APCC.

3)Seek to ensure that we receive the right form of publicity raising our members awareness to what will happen in their communities if these cuts continue.