What next after the NJC Pay Consultation?

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2013 Local Government Service Group Conference
4 June 2013

The conference notes that the employers supposedly final offer of 1% for 2013-14 and the deletion of scale point 4 from October 2013 made on 24 April. Conference also notes that the offer is currently well below the Retail Price Index (RPI) inflation rate of around 3% and does not meet our claim for a substantial pay award; indeed the National Joint Council (NJC) committee at its meeting on 7 May agreed the offer was an insult.

This conference agrees to respect the result of the consultation ballot due to be completed by 10 June 2013.

Should the result be to accept then this conference agrees that the Service Group Executive (SGE) should launch a campaign with the earliest possible effect to prepare the ground for a fight over pay in 2014 in support of a flat rate claim including a specific figure.

If there is a majority from the consultation for rejection of the offer, this conference agrees that the SGE will as soon as practical request an industrial action ballot from the Industrial Action Committee with a view to beginning the ballot no later than the end of September 2013. The ballot should be for discontinuous industrial action.

In the case of a majority vote for action the SGE should seek to coordinate to the maximum degree possible the timing of ballots with other unions both on NJC terms and conditions, and other local government and public sector workers. The SGE should also seek to coordinate, if at all possible, any lawful industrial action as agreed under UNISON rules with other UNISON sectors and public sector workers more generally, and in particular the NUT and NAS-UWT teaching unions.