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2013 National LGBT Conference
1 August 2013

Conference is aware that many of our activists use videos, such as those from UNISON’s recent membership campaigns and television adverts, to raise awareness of our union. These are great recruitment tools which support our activists and engage potential members’ interest but they seldom promote the work the self-organised groups do or highlight the union’s campaigns.

Conference feels that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) inclusive focused recruitment videos would be an invaluable tool in the promotion of our work and help to energise members into getting involved who might not otherwise have. They could also be displayed on national, regional and branch websites to reach a wider audience, promoting our work further.

Conference calls on the National LGBT Committee to:

1. Facilitate the production of such promotional video content;

2. Promote the availability of the content to branch and regional groups;

3. Request branches and regions make the videos available on their websites, either directly or via a link;

4. Seek to have the videos available on UNISON’s national website;

5. Make these videos available in time for conference LGBT 2014.