The Ageing Workforce

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2013 National Disabled Members' Conference
23 May 2013

This conference recognises that the changes to the State Retirement Age will create enforced working until the age of 68 will be a financial disaster for many disabled members.

While some workers will be able to meet the demands of their jobs, many more will find their physical and mental health will reduce their ability to cope as they reach 68. We know that employers will not be backward in coming forward to use their “Capability” procedures to dispose of workers who “Can’t cut the mustard”.

Not able to work because of disability or illness but too young to access their pensions, these workers will see the erosion of disability benefits leave them in poverty.

This Conference:-

1) Condemns the Government’s decision to raise the State Retirement Age

2) Welcomes the publication by UNISON of the Health & Safety Document “The Aging Workforce”

3) Calls upon the National Disabled Members Committee (NDMC) to investigate the issues affecting older members likely to be affected by the imposition of this enforced working and prepare a report on the implications to be presented to this Conference in 2014. This will enable UNISON to prepare to support members affected by this cruel legislation.

4) Agrees to raise this issue with the Trade Union Congress (TUC)

5) Asks the NDM Committee to draw this issue to the attention of the Labour Link on behalf of Disabled Members.